I’m an IT Manager who has left behind his hands on coding activities to manage people and projects but longs for those days sat in front of lines of code solving those logical problems, although who loves dealing with people.

To chill out I either hit the gym, go for a run or do some yoga, I enjoy a good book but rarely have time so Wired tends to be my regular read, as well as various blogs and random links from twitter.

I also run a code club at a school and as you will see from some posts are involved in various projects with two local schools

  • Ovingham Middles School
  • Broomley First School

This blog covers the various things I do in my own time to try and keep up with technology and stay one step ahead of my kids.

Hopefully some of the posts will be of use to someone out there, and if not at least they are a log of what I have done.

Feel free to comment or add suggestions, my social media accounts can be found in the footer.