Creating custom Siri Behaviour

Now that we’ve got Siri up and running on the RPi I want to start integarting it.  Unfortunately I’m waiting for a GPIO connector so I thought I’d play with Siri itself to get a feel for the SiriProxy functionality. Continue reading “Creating custom Siri Behaviour”

Setting Up SiriProxy on RPi

This entry talks through the steps required to create a SiriProxy on your RPi that will enable you to trap custom Siri commands made on an iPhone and then perform a custom action using the RPi, which I’ll cover in a later entry.
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Raspberry Pi – Stage 2 – Networking Remoting (Mac)

As I have limited display devices (TVs) in the home and there is always a battle with the kids the first thing I wanted to do with the RPi was set it up wirelessly and configure remote access through both command line and a screen viewer. This entry provides the step by step guidance to do this. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi – Stage 2 – Networking Remoting (Mac)”

Raspberry Pi – Stage 1 – Setting up the RPi (Mac)

So the Raspberry Pi finally arrived from Santa on Christmas day, it’s taken me until now to get around to doing anything with it.  I’ve a lot of ideas on what to do, I just need to decide on one.  However the first step is to get it set up, and this is what this entry focuses on. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi – Stage 1 – Setting up the RPi (Mac)”

Mapping iPhone location in Windows

Today I saw an article published by the Guardian on a discovery that the Apple iPhone stores location data locally and has done since iOS4, the article can be found here. The article includes a link to some open source Mac software to view your movements, unfortunately “I’m a PC” so I wondered how I could extract the same data and plot it on a map, and it was actually fairly easy, although I didn’t go for the animations or time based stuff of where I was when.
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