Building a Bee Cam – Where do I start?

My son’s school have a large bee project going on, it started a couple of years ago and they now have a website in place, some hives and a big interest from the kids as well as a the mandatory twitter account @broomleybees.

When the project first started I made the mistake of mentioning I’d just built a raspberry pi powered camera for guinea pigs to Jilly who has been behind this great project.  Obviously, as any good project manager would do she hasn’t let me forget my offer of getting involved.  The challenge has been finding time but we’re finally there, so what are we trying to do? Well here it is: Continue reading

A Simple Halloween Project

It’s halloween soon so I thought I’d try and create a really simple halloween project that anyone with a raspberry pi and a couple of simple components can implement, obviously this can be expanded upon massively but it’s a good starter and possibly the simplest script I’ve written. Continue reading

Time-lapse photography using the Raspberry Pi Camera

This is my first project using my Raspberry Pi camera, we had a need to monitor our new Guinea Pigs and while my girlfriend was away I thought I’d use the Raspberry Pi camera to do this.  The project provides the following functionality:

  • Take a photo every x seconds
  • Collate photos into a timelapse video
  • upload the video to you-tube

Additional functions I added whilst I developed the system were:

  • Generate the video if the memory becomes full to enable further monitoring
  • Add a light sensor so that pictures of the dark are not taken, this would also allow the processing to be done during downtime (if the memory card is large enough)
  • Add a switch to enable the program to end cleanly Continue reading

Remote Access To Your RPi

In my professional life I am often working away from home, one of the things I like to do is remotely access my Rapberry Pi, or even my Mac to work on personal projects.  For a while I have just been accessing the resources using some dynamic DNS hosts but I keep forgetting the URLs they provide.  This post provides details on how to configure your network and domain name to provide an easy to remember url for accessing resources in your network. Continue reading